About us

Company Laumetris Ltd. was established in 1993 in village Vilainiai and started manufacturing small agriculture machinery: ploughs and cultivators. Demand of such machinery was getting bigger every year and company kept up with it. In 1997 Laumetris Ltd. moved to village Keleriškiai, where acquired much more spacious premises with metalworking machines.

After reconstruction of new premises, company started producing pre-sowing soil preparation machinery, disc seeders, tractor drawn semi-trailers, compaction rollers. In spring of 1997 during exhibition “Ką pasėsi – 97“ got laureate name. Important gratitude was expressed in 1998 by Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus: “We appreciate, that while fostering nice traditions of our agriculture, you manage to produce good, high quality Lithuanian agriculture machinery and in regenerating Lithuanian village you establish science innovations.”

Further, company has participated in many more exhibitions. In 2000 and 2004 got gold medals in international fair “Agrobalt” of pre-sowing soil preparation cultivator KLS-4.0 and disc seeder DS-4.0. In 1999 Lithuanian plowmen started participating in world ploughing contests using Laumetris Ltd. designed and manufactured ploughs. Kazys Genčius won silver medal in 2008 world ploughing contest using Laumetris Ltd. plough.

These days company has expanded its production base significantly. It let to produce big and productive machinery: hard tillage cultivators up to 10 m. working width, disc harrows up to 8 m. working width, semi-trailers with capacity to carry up to 30 tons, water semi-trailers up to 20 m3 capacity.

Following companies are official Laumetris Ltd. representatives in their countries: "Ingteh" and "Agrok" – Latvia; “Alatalutehnika” – Estonia; "J&L Agriparts" and "AT Fordonsservice" - Sweden; "Kivilan Kone Ky" - Finland; Thor Stormoen and "Rakkestad Maskindrift" - Norway; "AgriXpert" - the Netherlands; "Suffolk Farm Machinery" and "Bowen Farm Machiner" - United Kingdom;  “Baltagroservis” – Russia; PHU; “Otrana” – Belarus. Laumetris Ltd. is official representative of these companies: “Matrot” France – producer of self-propelled sprayers; “APV” Austria – fertilizer spreaders.