Soil ripper

Autumn season Laumetris Ltd. meets with new tillage equipment – soil ripper. This deep soil tillage aggregate can operate with pneumatic Austrian company APV seeding machine for winter rape sowing. Why is it so exclusive and how is it used?

While modernizing agriculture itself powerful and heavy machinery started working on fields. Countless drives on fields highly compacted soil, tillage equipment raised sole of soil to 10 – 14 cm depth. Then soil cannot breathe and water flow is disordered. When such happens, previous conditions for great plants growing must be restored – raised sole has to be disturbed and soil hoed. Soil ripping is quite expensive process but it is necessary for great crop.

In soil rippers there are used spring type tempered steel bended 15 mm thickness tines, made in Spain, to which quick-change chisels are attached. Soil is being ripped in 15 mm width lane and has requires much less power than similar products in market, which usually use 30 – 40 mm thickness tines. We recommend to operate in 30 – 35 cm depth. In addition, every soil has to be analyzed in order to set an appropriate depth of ripping. Moreover, reclamation is usually in 45 – 50 cm depth, so working deeper than 35 cm appears to be dangerous for reclamation system. Recommended operational speed is about 6 – 8 km/h. Furthermore, company’s soil ripper has compaction roller. Rollers press surface of soil and retain capillary system.


Model DPL - 3 DPL - 4 TPL-4
Type suspended
Operational width, m 3 4
Operational depth, mm up to 400 front row 250; rear row 150
Hoeing coulters, units 6 / 7 (straight) 8 / 9 (straight) front row 4 coulters; rear row 8 discs
Coulters protection hydro-pneumatic spring
Tines type bent / straight -
Roller type disc -
Mass, kg 1640 2270 1600
Min. tractor power, HP 170 - 200 200 - 250 150
Additional equipment
Front support wheels +

Disc type rear roller (500 mm)

APV pneumatic sowing machine + -