Disc seeders

Laumetris Ltd. produces pneumatic disc seeders DS-3, DS-4, DS-6, which are used for various cultures sowing in plowed or harrowed fields. This sowing equipment hoes, collates, compacts, sows and presses up seeds. Soil is hoed and collated by two rows of disc leveler, hoeing depth is regulated by hydraulic cylinder.

While operating, disc seeder bases on front support roller, which takes most of sowing machine’s weight. In addition, it collates soil and prepares goods conditions for sowing process. Discs cut surface of soil and insert seeds into regulated depth of slots. After that, wheels press ground around sowed seeds. Every disc tine has rubber amortization. DS has pneumatic copying system, which allows discs working separately.

Disc seeders are manufactured with Germany Acord company’s pneumatic seeds distribution system. Sowing is being controlled by computer system “Master seed”.

Technical details: seeding rate: 1.5 – 350 kg/ha; tank capacity: 2 – 3,2 m3; distance between lanes: 12,5 cm; operational speed: up to 15 km/h; diameter of seeding discs: 410 mm; disc roller diameter: 460 mm


Model DS - 4
Type trailed
Operational width, m 4
Capacity, m3 2
Sowing disc, pcs 24
Sowing discs spacing, mm 125
Crossboard, pcs 20
Disc diameter, mm 510
Transportation width, m 4
Mass, kg 2750
Min. tractor power, HP 150 - 180
Additional equipment
Soil cultivation: 1 row of crossboard and 2 rows of cultivator coulters +
Soil cultivation: 2 rows of discs +