Heavy disc harrows

Laumetris Ltd. produces trailed heavy disc harrow of 3 – 6 m. width. Soil preparation, where exists many residuals of plants, is very important for generous crop yield. The best preparation can be performed with heavy disc harrow, which inserts weed seeds with residuals of plants, cultivates soil and prepares it for seeding. This aggregate is for hoeing; lying waste, old grass, clover fields and sward of meadows cutting and destroying before and after ploughing; peeling stubble; weeds demolishing, residuals of plants, organic and mineral fertilizer insertion.

Special angle of sections with discs lets to insert residuals and mix it with top layer of soil. Back rollers crumble clods, compact soil and level it. Rollers are chosen from stick, ring or disc type rollers. Sections’ discs are 8 mm. thickness and resistant to wane. In addition, it has unique interdependent pressure system – does not allow discs to over spin and loosen. Moreover, high-level bearings are used for its great sealing. Axes are made from special hardened steel.


Model LLA - 3 LLA - 4 LLA - 5 LLA - 6
Type trailed
Operational width, m 3 4 5 6
Operational depth, mm up to 150
Sections, units 4
Disc diameter, mm 660
Discs, pcs 27 37 50 58
Wheels 400/60-15.5 520/60-17
Transportation width, m 3 4 3
Mass, kg 2250 2640 4150 5650
Min. tractor power, HP 120 150 180 220
Additional equipment
Rear disc type roller (500 mm) +