Manure spreaders

Laumetris Ltd. produces manure spreaders of 8 – 20 tons capacity, which are used to transport manure to field and spread it. Manure spreaders are manufactured with vertical spreading spindles. This type spindles chop better and can spread manure in bigger distances, up to 14 meters range. In addition, lower dissemination plate can be installed, which ensures equivalent and accurate spreading rate.

Dissemination spindle’s drive gear is mechanic, which is propelled from tractor’s working shaft with 500 – 1000 rotations per minute. Manure ejection conveyor’s gear is hydraulic. Before spreading spindles, there is a hydraulic tailboard.

Additional sides can be assembled in order to expand capacity up to 2,5 times of manure spreader for green mass transportation. In all models vertical spreading spindles can be removed easily to convert spreader to semi-trailer.


Model PTU-8B PTU-10B PTU-14B MKL-10 MKL-14 MKL-18
Capacity, m³ 8 13 17 10 14 18
Tonnage, t 8 10 14 10 14 18
Chassis type sway-beam single axle
Operational width, m up to 12 up to 14
Drive shaft quantity, pcs 2
Hydraulic tailgate standard
Mechanic support foot standard
Min. tractor power, HP 80 95 160 120 150 180
Additional accessories
Hydraulic support foot +
Spring drawbar suspension - +
Extensions, gross volume, m³ - 25 30 15 18 22
Mudguards +
LED lights +
Front window - +
Alternative wheels 520/45R22.5 500/50R22.5 - 30.5L32