Silage semitrailers

High efficiency silage semitrailers with capacities of 40 and 60 m³ on standard equipment. Special two lanes transporters unloading system assures very quick, solid and safe unloading of silage in few minutes. When transporter starts to move, green mass brakes free from sides because of a cone shaped body. Two self-steered axles and wide wheels - easy maneuvering and low soil compaction. Laumetris silage semitrailers have a concept of smart and efficient farming.


Model PTL-40 PTL-50 PTL-60
Capacity, m³ 40 40 60
Maximum load capacity, t 20 24 30
Mass of a semitrailer, kg 9500 8500 11000
Max speed, km/h 40

Body's dimensions:

length/width/height, mm




Overall dimensions:

length/width/height, mm




Bottom / side thickness, mm 4 / 3
Chassis spring
Axles' size, mm 150x150 120x120 150x150
Self-steered axles, pcs 1, rear 2, front and rear


Standard extensions, mm 400 - 400
Gearboxes amount, pcs 1 2
Transporters amount, pcs 2
Chain thickness, mm 14
Frontgate window standard
Hydraulic drawbar suspension standard
Aluminum ladder standard
Brakes pneumatic or hydraulic
Standard colors orange with grey / green with yellow
Hydraulic tailgate standard
Hydraulic support foot standard
Swivel loop standard
LED lights standard with second set on top of a tailgate
Required min. horse power, HP 180 180 240
Additional equipment
Forced steered axles +
Extensions, gross capacity 46 m³ 50 m³ (520 mm) 67,5 m³
Mudguards +
White LED lights +
Different colors +
Combined hydraulic and pneumatic brakes +
Alternative tires 710/50R26.5
Hydraulic swings suspension +