Trailers PTL-T

With over 18 years of manufacturing tractor drawn semi-trailer, Laumetris Ltd. has accumulated a lot of experience in this field and has achieved a very well-known brand of high quality semi-trailers producer in Baltic States. Universal back tipping semi-trailers are the most popular. Semi-trailers are produced from 2 – 40 cubic meters capacity. It has strong frame, body, wide wheels, spring chassis and rich standard equipment.

Special interpretation semi-trailers are also part of Laumetris Ltd. production. Specially designed construction semi-trailers with thicker and harder metal for transportation of construction materials, expanded volume and flotation semi-trailer for transportation of peats, sugar beets and green mass. Furthermore, company produces platform semi-trailers, which are for transportation of containers and big bags with vegetables, fertilizers; bales of straws, stubble, green mass. In addition, it is possible to order specially designed trailers with various types of body, chassis and frame for any work, meeting your high requirements.

Exclusive properties of Laumetris Ltd semitrailers:

  •       •  Solid length and width side board without any vertical bracket;
  •       •  Side board has bendings which increases resistance to deformation;
  •       •  Rear tailboard is easy to open and close with hydro cylinders while sitting in a tractor;
  •       •  Semitrailers are mounted with tires which are more than 500 mm width and have less pressure to soil;
  •       •  Spring chassis absorbs shock from rough ground and does not transfer any vertical motions to tractor throw drawbar;
  •       •  Springs on the hook also reduce shock and soften load for tractor;
  •       •  Rolling up canopy is used to cover the load from rain and is fastened on top of the body, from the front platform it is easy to roll canopy and cover the load.
Model PTL-10T PTL-12T PTL-15T
Capacity, m³ 12,5 16 19
Capacity, t 10 12 15
Mass, kg 4100 4400 5700
Maximum speed, km/h 40

Body's dimensions:

length/width/height, mm







External dimensions:

length/width/height, mm







Bottom / side walls thickness, mm 5 / 4
Chassis type spring
Axles' dimensions □90x90 □110x110

560/60R22.5 / 385/65R22.5

Brakes pneumatic or hydraulic
Standard colors frame - grey; body - orange
Hydraulic tailgate standard
Swivel loop standard
LED lights standard
Rubber seal for tailgate standard
Min. tractor power, HP 95 100 130
Additional equipment
Grain discharge port +
Front platform + rolling up canopy (tent) +
Extensions, m³ 21 24 30
Mudguards +
Front board window plastic window / perforated steel sheet with special cover
Rear hitch with hydraulic, pneumatic, electric taps +
BPW axles (up to 60 km/h) +
Non-standard colors +
Combo brakes (pneumatic and hydraulic) +



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