Compaction rollers

Laumetris Ltd. produces rollers of 4 – 8 m. width with segmented spring type leveling board. Main purposes of compaction roller are: soil preparation for seeding; soil leveling; clod, lumps crumbling; compaction of cultivated soil. In addition, it is successfully used for rolling crop and grassland. Ring or disc type rollers are accordingly implemented in various agricultural machinery. Unique construction of axes’ bearings protects it from dust and soil getting in and impact-resistant modified iron rings exalt these rollers from competitors. Furthermore, special ring compression system is used to lower wane of rings.


Model TVLL-6 TVLL-8 TVLL-9 TVLL-10
Type trailed
Operational width, m 6 8 9 10
Sections, units 3 5
Ring diameter, mm 510
Rings type "Cambridge"
Front crossboard row, pcs 36 48 54 -
Wheels 400/60-15.5 520/50-17 600/40-22.5
Mass, kg 4050 6500 6800 9000
Load on the hook, kg 1600 2000 2200
Min. tractor power, HP 120 16 170 200
Additional equipment
600 mm "Cambridge" type rings +
510 mm "Cross kill" type rings + -
Pneumatic sowing machine +